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Volunteer Vets Help Local Corozal Animals

Posted on May 9, 2011


One of the most obvious problems you witness when moving to or traveling to Belize are the stray animals.  Many of them are in very sad states and it can be a shocking scene for many people coming to Belize from more developed countries.  There are some organizations located in Belize who try and help this problem.  One such organizations is P.A.W. (Protecting Animal Welfare) founded by Madi Collins.  Today helped coordinate volunteers who came to Corozal to vaccinate, spay and neuter some of the local animals from noon to 5pm at the Civic Center in town.  I walked over and spoke with one of the volunteers who told me that Angela Cherry with Helping Paws Across Bordersand Madi Collins were working with volunteer vets and vet techs from the United States were in town trying to help the animals in Corozal.


So we took Coffee down to the action and got her a shot and invited the crew to come by Scotty’s for a drink afterwards – they looked like they had been working extremely hard.  Helping Paws Across Borders gathers their supplies through donation and if are interested in donating to their program or to P.A.W. please visit the links above.  Unfortunately we learned that the government of Belize was making it very difficult for the group to stay in Belize and help because of their insistence that duty should be paid on the donated supplies that were brought in.  They had planned to stay through the week but instead they will pack up and go over the border to Chetumal, Mexico and help there.  This is a much needed and outstanding service that Helping Paws Across Borders was willing to perform and it is frustrating that the government is causing them enough difficulty that they have to move onto another country were their help will be welcome.


Again if you would like to donate to either organization please visit P.A.W. or find Angela’s information here to donate to Helping Paws Across Borders.



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