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It is about the community of animals not where they live!

Achievement’s to Date:   A Narrative Description of Helping Paws Across Borders Activities

HPAB past activities include traveling to Grand Bahamas Island, Belize, New Mexico and Mexico to conduct spay and neuter Clinic’s. I began holding spay and neuter clinics in 2006. I have held over 20 clinics in the past 7 years. We not only spay and neuter but medically treat every animal that is brought to us. HPAB worked side by side with the Humane Society of Grand Bahamas to help them establish an ongoing spay and neuter program. HPAB supplied the now shelter with an entire diagnostics lab for the animals on the island. HPAB also supplied thousands of preventic collars and Heartworm pills over the years. We were always involved in educating the children in humane projects such as teaching the school children how to feed and care for their pets. HPAB will always supply a collar and leash to every animals owner that comes through one of my clinics. (Many thanks to Sandia Pet Products) This provides the owner of the animal with a sense of pride and ownership and the benefits to the pet are a plus. HPAB has also assisted in transporting animals from the Bahamas to provide them with medical care such as amputations, heartworm treatments etc.. (Thanks to Petroglyph Animal Hospital) I then place the animal with an adoptive home or rescue group such as Colorado Doberman Rescue, New Mexico Doberman Rescue, Abq. Min Pin Rescue. Every service I have provided is through donations of equipment, services and medicines.

Mexico Clinic:  Worked with Dr. Pepe Vega. We travelled to Mexico with a thousand dollars of supplies to assist him with his own spay and neuter program. We were able to provide antibiotics, sx instruments, drapes, iv catheter supplies, pain meds, preventic collars and heartworm pills etc.. We conducted two separate location spay and neuter clinic’s while there.

Belize Clinics:  We began with a small group on Caye Caulker Island C.A.T.S. ran by Madi Collins. We also supplied their organization with all of the above mentioned items. We held three clinics on that 13 day adventure we treated animals on  Caye Caulker. We then travelled to Corazol Belize to have a hurried one day clinic then into Mexico and held a four day clinic in Chetumal Mexico. Our next adventure 10 months later was into Hopkins Belize. We held a five day spay and neuter clinic and also had an enormous Easter egg hunt for the local children. After a brief break we traveled to Dangriga Belize and held a one day spay and neuter clinic hosted by a local organization. We provided some children’s clothing and animal humane educational material. We were able to donate enough surgery supplies to Hopkins Belize Humane Society to keep them up and running after we returned home. On that same trip we sent supplies to Placencia Humane Society to enable them to medically treat their shelter animals. HPAB was able to supply much needed medical supplies to the children’s hospital in Dangriga.

Placencia Belize: We worked with a local group in Placencia Belize to hold a spay and neuter clinic in two locations Seign Beight and Riversdale Belize. As previously we conducted a five day clinic and were able to stock the local animal facility with much needed supplies. On this clinic we were also very fortunate to work with 3 Belize Veterinarians (Awesome vets) who were willing to work side by side with the American veterinarians. We are able to share with the local vets different medical techniques. I also supplied the local Veterinarians veterinary manuals and their own care packages to help make their jobs a little easier.

New Mexico. HPAB has conducted vaccination clinics on the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. I supply them with pet food and supplies every few months for their pueblo animals. I am working on conducting spay and neuter programs on the Jemez Reservation.

 In our immediate future we are returning to Belize in Oct. 2013 for another spay and neuter clinic. So many of the groups that ask for my help have no other sourcing they can go to. HPAB is one of a very few groups that will travel to help in so many of these desolate areas.

HPAB will now be offering free pet training classes to the local people of the villages. Our goal is to medically treat and educate on how to interact with their pets in hopes we can provide a safer, happier and healthier community once we are gone.

HPAB future plans are to continue spay and neuter programs in less fortunate countries and locations.  Provide training and resources to the local Veterinarians and Animal Shelters. Donate supplies, medicine and educational material to enable them to provide humane medical treatments.   Educate children and adults on animal humane issues. Supply pet food, collars and leashes. To provide shoes, clothing and school supplies for the children.

It is about the community of animals not where they live. 

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