Conch and Luke

Adopting our dog, Sadie Mae from the local shelter proved to be both tragic and a blessing This is our story....A few short days after adopting Sadie Mae we noticed she was extremely ill...We brought her back to the shelter where we adopted her, hoping for care...they offered poor unsanitary conditions to care for our pet. We decided Sadie Mae deserved the best care we could find. We brought her to the El Rincon Pet Hospital locally. That is where we meet Angie Cherry. Angie and the staff did every thing possible for Sadie Mae...she had many health issues ...distemper was her biggest hurtle. Angie and the staff were caring and compassionate with my husband and I, while they tried to help our sick family pet. After a few weeks of medication, feeding Sadie Mae with a syringe, she continued to get worse...we had to end her pain and send her to a place she would no longer hurt. A few months went by and since we had grown fond of the woman who had helped us through a difficult situation, We stopped by El Rincon.. just to say hello and to see the dog "Conch”. Angie had been in the Grand Bahamas doing a vet clinic to help with care for the in need animals on the island. Conch had lived in the bush and had no contact with humans....They had noticed him because of a major limp he had due to an injury to his leg. The staff wanted to help him so he was captured and brought to the Human Society on the island for care. His injuries were severe. Angie could see there was something very special about this "Potcake" and knew he would get better care in the states. When she returned home to NM ...Conch was with her. His leg could not be saved and it needed be too amputated. What a traumatic experience for a dog who was not only terrified of people but now people took his leg. Angie opened her home to Conch, there he lived while recovering. Conch not only recovered from his surgery...his trust in humans started to blossom.. Not only did Conch have a severe injury to deal with...he also had heart worms from roaming the island as a stray . He is treated on a monthly basis for heartworms now. Angie, knowing how much we loved Sadie Mae and missed her so much, she made an amazing offer to us....She asked if we would like to have Conch as our very own forever companion. My husband and I jumped at the chance...And Conch came to live with us in his final step of healing after surgery. Slowly Conch got use to us...and what a friend he has become.


Several months after we took Conch into our home, Angie was in the Bahamas on yet another clinic to help with the spay and neutering of the "potcakes". We received a photo online from was of this cute 4 month old pup. He also had a hurt leg. but they had no idea of the extend of his injuries. The poor little guys was in a kennel and walking for him was a challenge the chances of him being put down were great. He was a brindle...and just precious. But he looked to me like he had some pit-bull in him. Pit bulls have never been a breed I cared about having in my home. Because of all the stories we hear about how aggressive and mean they are...I was at the time very uneducated about the Breed. My husband and I decided we would love to get Conch a brother and ourselves another companion. So we said "YES" we want the little guy. He was sent to us via the airlines and we picked him up at the airport in Albuq. NM. It was truly love at first sight. As soon as we saw him in his crate...I reached in and touched him and pulled him out and into my arms. That was the start of yet another wonderful relationship with a "Royal Bahamian Potcake". We named him Luc...he is now 66 pounds and he truly believes he is a lap dog. His injured leg was able to be saved...such a blessing...He and Conch are great brothers...and best friends. I can’t say enough about our boys. They are such a wonderful addition to our family...they love unconditionally and have great personalities. Please reach deep into your hearts and HELP rescue a "Potcake" you will not be sorry as they are amazing....animals. Thank you so much Angie for all you do to help "mans best friend".

 Chuck and Elaine Rasch, Albuquerque New Mexico.

Conch and Luke

"Special" rescued from HSGB  By Jennifer Cherry

Jetwash rescued in Bahamas
Ralphie was adopted by one of our volunteers susan Neas Ralphie in Belize

" Jetwash" rescued by Angie Cherry sx Done by Dr. Ray Hudgell Petroglyph Animal Hospital- adopted

"Kaycee" Rescued by Angie Cherry medically treated  and sx by Dr. Ray Hudgell Petroglyph Animal Hospital - adopted

" Kaycee" and Our founders pet "Timbuck2"

Sweet Dobie  rescued  by Angie Cherry, recovered and treated by El rincon Pet Hospital . Transported to Colorado Doberman rescue and adopted.



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